The Engineering Faculty Library

Facciata di Villa Cambiaso - Facoltà di Ingegneria GenovaLike the Royal Naval School, the Engineering Library was born in 1871. Since 1922 its seat was on the ground floor of Villa Cambiaso: till now the first section of the Center for Library Service of the Faculty is sitting there. In 1936, after the attempt to create a Polytechnic School, the Naval School became part of the University as Engineering Faculty.

The Engineering Library consists of five sections: three ones are in Genoa, one at the Unversity Campus of Savona, and one at La Spezia Campus.  Each of them supports the different study courses hold in their seat. The Library is standing evolving and the services it offers are in the cutting edge.  The most recent technologies are used for them.   It is part of the Integrated Library System which includes both the University Libraries and the City Town ones.

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