Junior High School Pattern

The present pattern has been conceived as a help both for science and geography teachers.
It leads through basical subjects like the history of cartography, how to set geographical coordinates, the role Academies and periodicals play in spreading scientifical knowledges.
To allow an easy approach to complex themes, the content consists more of images than of written texts. There is an interactive part with questions and hints, accompanied by ancient maps. The teachers may use this part to integrate their classes. Slideshare available.
To get the presentation file (.ppt, .key, .pdf extensions available) mailto:duilioship@csb-ing.unige.it


- Questions, hints and useful links Download PDF - icona

- Printable maps (Zip di immagini, 3,3 MB)

Junior High School "Santa Marta" of Genoa group visiting the Library on February, 24th, 2011

The classes are divided into two teams: English and French people. The two teams compete commenting maps. Maps to be explored! Presentation to the classes. Let's watch the presentation together. Visiting the DINAV Laboratory. Visiting the Department of Naval Engineering (DINAV). Prof. Tedeschi explains the activities of the laboratory to the classes.