The project

The Royal Superior Naval School in Genoa, first one among the Naval Engineery schools in Italy and one of the few ones in Europe, has got a wide assets characterized by scientific value and a peculiar historic-documental value.

The Engineering Faculty is the direct heir of that Institution.  For the 140th Anniversary of the foundation of the Royal School it has set itself the target of enhancing a series of events.  Among them there is this project whose main purpose is to make easily accessible items rich of a very high cultural content.

Moreover, the project design has taken into account the complexely tangled relations and links with the widest context of navigation, both in Genoa and in Liguria.


The inheritance of the Royal Naval School incluldes:

  • a wide book collection, containing the ancient books collection;
  • a series of measure and calculation tools;
  • collections of drawings and projects (including many blueprints and hand drawings);
  • model ships built with didactic purpose.

Inside the book collection it is possible to individuate scientifical and humanities books, ancient and rare works (including some books from the 1500s), atlas, copies of watercolor paintings, printed or handwritten lecture notes by the School's teachers.

The collection of tools (many accompanied by user's manuals) mainly consists of slide rules, compasses, pantographes, planimeters, and integraphs.

The blueprints are reproductions of naval designs used for didactic purpose.

Eventually there are model ships and part of ships, built with didactic purpose.  They are highly interesting because witness builiding techniques of an important period for naval design.