Royal Superior Naval School in Genoa

The creation of a high education school for Italian naval engineers dates back to the very first years of the Kingdom of Italy. In that period the fleets belonging to the States existing before Italy united entered into the Italian Military Marine. Genoa was the center of a region very active in shipbuilding. Therefore it was chosen to be the seat of this institution. Main purposes of it were the technical education of the Naval Engineers Corp, but also the formation of shipbuilders, since there was still no school for them in Italy.
Actually, most of the ships belonging both to the Sardinia and the Neaple Marines had been bought abroad and their builders, more than real engineers, were craftsmen. Their experience, good to build traditional sailing ships, was not proper to build engine ships and to use new materials, first iron and then steel. The Royal School is created to fill these gaps and its historical development means an important step in naval culture.
Here are some important dates:
1870, June, 25th: Statute approval;
December, 4th: Rules are issued.
1871, January, 16th: Inauguration of the Royal Naval School. Cesare Cabella, Headmaster of the University, is appointed first President of the School.
1924: according to the Gentile Law the Royal School is no longer and independent institution and it is renamed Royal School of Naval Engineering.
1936: the Royal School becomes part of the University of Genoa as Engineering Faculty.